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Hen Comes Out of the Yard (Story for Children)
Hen Comes Out of the Yard (Story for Children)
Hen Comes Out of the Yard (Story for Children)
Item#: 9788971968710
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Product Description
Korean Title: Madangeul Naon Amtag
Author: Hwang Seon-mi, Kim Hwan young
Publisher: Sagyejeol
200 pages | 223*152mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Who am I and how should I live? Philosophers have long pondered this question and produced all kinds of complicated answers. People do not usually ponder such questions. They lead their daily lives, which repeat meaninglessly. Then, when faced with death, they are struck with the embarrassing and regretful thought that they have wasted their lives. Most people cannot confidently say that they have led their lives in a way they truly want, not for the attainment of wealth or honor.

Here was a hen with a correct understanding of who she is and how she should live, and practiced it accordingly. At first, she was caged in a factory-style coop to endlessly produce eggs. Then one day she saw another hen taking her chickens for a walk in the yard. This hatches in her a thought; she wants to brood on her own egg and give birth to it. For this mission, she even gives herself a name. She chooses Leaf for her name because she wants to accomplish something, just as an acacia leaf, after freely receiving wind and sunshine, down to the ground, fertilizes the earth, and finally sprouts a fragrant flower. This marks her first step as someone who truly owns her life.

But how difficult it is to live one’s own life! To start her life over as a true hen, Leaf decides to leave the comfort zone of the coop and yard where she doesn’t have to worry about getting food. She even chooses to be the mother of a different animal, a wild duckling. After raising the duckling with all of her heart and soul, she sends it off into the world. Some time after that, she loses her life to a weasel that had been waiting for the opportunity to kill her. The reader is deeply touched by Leaf’s painful struggle to lead a truthful life, her attainment of freedom, and realization of her dreams, as well as the true meaning of love.

The author Hwang Seon-mi conceived this story at a time when her father was on his deathbed. This experience led the author to thoroughly reconsider death as well as life. The reader will find several places extremely touching, the most spectacular being one where Leaf meets her death with uncommon courage. Leaf, a non-flying animal, breaks out of her body and flies into the sky. Even with a second or third reading, audiences will be filled with awe at Hwang’s rendering. The extraordinary illustrations of the story make a large contribution to its effectiveness. Kim Hwan young, one of Korea’s most renowned illustrators, took full advantage of his background as an animator and produced illustrations that perfectly match the story. In fact, Kim’s illustrations were a precursor to the revival of illustrated Korean children's literature.

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