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Histroy, Cognition and Peace in East Asia
Histroy, Cognition and Peace in East Asia
Histroy, Cognition and Peace in East Asia
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Product Description
by Dalchoong Kim & Chung-in Moon (ed.)

size: A5, 280pages. publisher: Yonsei University Press, 2000.

Table of contents
Chapter 1. Introduction: History, Cognition, and Peace in East Asia
Chapter 2. Recasting and Forecasing East Asian History
Chapter 3. East Asian Nationalism and Its Contemporary Implications
Chapter 4. Realism and Regionalism: American Power and German and Japanese Institutional Strategies During and After the Cold War
Chapter 5. Japanese Perception of Korea, China, and the United States
Chapter 6. American Perception of Japan, Korea, and China
Chapter 7. Korea Perception of China, Japan and the U.S
Chapter 8. Unifird Kora abd Mew Stratedies for Mational Survival
Chapter 9. Unthinking the Thinkable: Unified Korea and Japan
Chapter 10. Korean Reunification and the United Korea and Japan
Chapter 11. Past, Present, and Future of Korea-U.S. Relations: An American Perspective
Chapter 12. Images of Korea and Koreans in the United States
Chapter 13. Reconciliation in Europe: Lessons for Asia
Chapter 14. Conclusion: Reconstructing New Identity and Peace in East Asia
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