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A History of Science in Korea
A History of Science in Korea
A History of Science in Korea
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Product Description
Korean Studies Series 11
by Sang-un Cheon

size: A5, 396pages. publisher: Jimoondang, 1998.

About this book
The Korean created his own characteristic pattern by melting together the contents of East Asian science, technology, idea and philosophy in his own crucible. So the Korean, who has been active in a small peninsula attached to the north-east of the huge Chinese continent, gave significant influence to Chinese science and technology with his own creative model. During the Sejong era of the fifteenth century, in particular, Korean science and technology had reached its climax, thus its accomplishments could reveal themselves clearly in the history of world civilization, let alone of East Asian civilization.
This book contains the great part of my endeavor to realize those cumulative achievements, though I believe there still remain so many related fields that are not dealt in this edition but deserve a thorough investigation.

I. Astronomy
1. Characteristics of Astronomy in Korea
2. Astronomical Concepts of the Universe
3. Rotating-Earth Theories of Choson Dynasty Scholars
4. Astronomical Charts
5. Ancient Observatories in Korea
6. Sundials
7. Clepsydras
8. Incense Clocks
9. Armillary Spheres and Clocks
10. Astronomical Instruments of the Choson Dynasty
11. Calendar and Time Measurement
12. Observation of Celestial Phenomena
II. Meteorology
1. Emergence of Agricultural Meteorology
2. Refinement of the Method of Rainfall Measurement
3. Other Meteorological Observations
III. Crafts and Technology
1. Elementary Physics and Its Application
2. Power Machines
3. Mechanical Clocks
4. Printing Technology
5. Modern Firearms
6. Shipbuilding Technology
7. Civil Engineering and Architectural Technology
8. Metal Handicrafts and Mining
9. Methods of Refining Metals in the Choson Dynasty
10. Copper Alloys and Other Metal Compounds
11. Korean Alchemy and Medicine
12. Papermaking Technique
13. Gunpowder
14. Ceramics
IV. Geography and Cartography
1. Geography in Ancient and Medieval Times
2. Geography in the Early Choson Dynasty
3. Geography Compendia of the Early Choson Dynasty
4. The Use OF Surveys
5. Treatises on Geography in the Sixteenth Century
6. The TĄŻaengniji of Yi Chung-hwan
7. Introduction of New Maps of the World
8. Maps in the Later Choson Dynasty
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