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How Koreans Talk - A Collection of Expressions
How Koreans Talk - A Collection of Expressions
How Koreans Talk - A Collection of Expressions
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Product Description
by Sanghun Choe & Christopher Torchia

size: 22.3x15.2cm, 305pages. publisher: Eunhangnamu, 2002.

1. Eat, Eat: Rice Is Everything
2. Anatomical Terms
3. Grit and Hardship
4. Confucius Said
5. Characters
6. Tough Talk
7. Money Talks
8. From Elsewhere
9. Slang and Seoul
10. Animal Kingdom
11. Family Matters
12. Luck, Dreams, Superstition
13. Borrowed From Buddhism
14. Proverbs As Propaganda
15. Behavioral Patterns
16. Wisdom

From the book
You can slash open my belly. (배째라)
A friend says this after wolfing down the snack you set aside to munch on later. he means : "What's done is done. What are you going to do about it?" A swindler facing a jail term says this if he doesn't plan to cough up the money. Some villains even try to shift the blame. The phenomenon is jeokbanhajang, or "A thief picks up the bat against the owner of the house and yells 'Thief!'"

I will shoot! (내가 쏜다)
Let's go out and party ; food and drinks are on me. A term popular among young office workers. The implication is that money will fly out of the speaker's wallet like bullets.

About the Author
Sanghun Choe, who co-authored "The Bridge at No Gun RI: A Hidden Nightmare from the Korean War" received a special award from the Korean Journalists Association for the report and the book, is an AP reporter in Seoul, South Korea. Availability: Usually ships in 4~7 business days.

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