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How to draw Hands by Kagami Takahiro
How to draw Hands by Kagami Takahiro
How to draw Hands by Kagami Takahiro
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Product Description
How to draw Hands by Kagami Takahiro
가가미 다카히로가 알려주는 손 그리는 법
Author: Kagami Takahiro
Publisher: IASO

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Takahiro Kagami, an animation film director who made his name known worldwide through works such as "Yu-Gi-Oh," "Lupin III," "One Piece Theater Edition," "Death Note" and "Absolutely Ryon Children." is the first hand drawing technique published by a genius artist called the "God of Painting" among animation enthusiasts.

The book is filled with information that you need to know only when you draw a 'hand'. Hand is a part of the human body that is said to be difficult for professionals because of its complex bone. With this book, Mr. Kagami thoroughly adjusted his eye level to amateurs, so that he could learn key know-how from the basics of hand drawing to how to describe, express, and direct.

It also compares the parts where beginners make a lot of mistakes when drawing hands. It is a great help to improve your skills by kindly pointing out what parts to modify and how. It is full of fruitful and practicable information, ranging from painting styles by character, drawing points according to scenes, parts to be emphasized according to personality or gender, and proportions.

In addition, a collection of video and photo materials is provided as a special benefit. The video will be a good textbook as there are two types of explanations (33 minutes) for the entire process of hand drawing by Kagami himself and 2 minutes (2 minutes) for tool commentary that he usually uses, from roughing to shading. The Hand Pose Photo Archive is a photo of the artist's own hand, which is very useful for hand-drawing practice.

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