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How to Paint Skin Tones by Mignon
How to Paint Skin Tones by Mignon
How to Paint Skin Tones by Mignon
Item#: 9788931465549
Regular price: $32.07
Sale price: $27.26

Product Description
How to Paint Skin Tones by Mignon
mignon이 알려주는 피부 채색의 비결
Author: mignon

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Coloring expert mignon introduces skin coloring techniques. It explains the basics of coloring, such as "How Mignon interprets the human body when painting," "What rules are important when adding shadows," and "How to identify and transform the shape of the human body to permeate the painting," to help draw out my thoughts on color and express them in various ways.

It provides a video explaining the belly button drawing process of Chapter 1, Mignon's Photoshop brush, various character PSD files introduced in each chapter, skin palette data, and sweat layer style PSD files that can directly represent the wet expression of the skin. By acquiring mignon's know-how in various appendix materials and books, you will be able to expand the range of character coloring expressions and produce works full of originality.

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