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I Do Not Bid Farewell
I Do Not Bid Farewell
I Do Not Bid Farewell
Item#: 9788954682152
Regular price: $26.42
Sale price: $22.46

Product Description
Title: I Do Not Bid Farewell
Korean Title:작별하지 않는다
ISBN: 9788954682152
332 page/140 * 201 * 32 mm /468g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

The main theme, one that guided her writing from beginning to end is that of "utmost love," she said.

"I Do Not Bid Farewell" tells the story of a novelist, Gyeong-ha, who travels to Jeju at the request of her friend, In-seon, to rescue a bird she says has been left alone at her home.

When Gyeong-ha arrives at In-seon's home, after battling a fierce snowstorm on the island, she is confronted with the painful past of In-seon's family
, and especially her mother, Jeong-sim, who spent decades trying to find her brother who went missing in the wake of the 1948 massacre.

The love that Han speaks of is first and foremost found in Jeong-sim,
who held on to her belief in people and life until the very end, according to the book's publisher, Munhakdongnae.

But it also travels from Jeong-sim to her daughter In-seon, and from In-seon to her friend Gyeong-ha,
neither of whom can escape the grip it has on their lives, despite the agony it entails.
"I do not love that bird enough to go to her home tonight in the face of this snowstorm," says a line in the book.

"That's when I knew. How frightfully agonizing love is," says another line.

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