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I don't think this is the life I thought it would be
I don't think this is the life I thought it would be
I don't think this is the life I thought it would be
Item#: 9791193238172
Regular price: $33.97
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Product Description
Title: I don't think this is the life I thought it would be
Korean Title: 내가 생각한 인생이 아니야
Author: Ryu Sihwa
Publisher: Suoh Study
ISBN: 9791193238172
262 page /134*200

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

“The greatest gift in life is another life” 42 new prose pieces by poets invited to a special seat at the Theater of Life
A new collection of prose following 『Birds Fly Never Looking Back』 and 『Who Knows Whether It's Good or Bad』, read by 300,000 readers and translated in 5 countries, including Germany and Spain. As a writer who has made many of his works known to the world about his view of life, the things he has learned while living as a traveler are contained in his colorful stories. The power of truth derived from the author's own experience is felt. Expectations grow from the moment you read the preface, as the charm of the writing style adds to a deeper understanding of humans. It is a series of feelings of being overwhelmed by beautiful scenery while traveling with light steps.
As such, lightness and depth coexist in his writing. Not the lightness of a feather, but the lightness of a bird. When people encounter things that cannot be expressed in words, their relationship with words becomes stronger. The writer says he can't write if he doesn't believe it gets across.
“The greatest gift that life gives is ‘another life.’ Birds do not sing because they have answers. We sing because we have a song. When life is difficult, you should carry something beautiful in your heart. That beauty saves us.”
「This is not the life I thought」 「Define yourself by the color you like」 「Finding my creation」 「With the lightness of a bird, not the lightness of a feather」 「Library that lends you books you read when you were growing up」 「Laughter is the last laugh. Contains 42 articles by authors who have changed the lives of many readers through the power of writing, such as “I was hiding in tears,” “Plan A is my plan, and Plan B is God’s plan,” and “If only you could see the path ahead of you.”
As you read each article, various codes pour into your mind, like looking into a glass cup with fireworks exploding. I can feel the excellence of verbalizing the sensitivity of hearing and smell. So I read it diligently. You can receive strength from sentences and take steps towards tomorrow.

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