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If There Is A Word Meaning Greater Love
If There Is A Word Meaning Greater Love
If There Is A Word Meaning Greater Love
Item#: 9788959134809
Regular price: $26.41
Sale price: $22.45

Product Description
Title: If There Is A Word Meaning Greater Love
Korean Title: 사랑보다도 더 사랑한다는 말이 있다면
Author: Choi, Gap-soo
Publisher: Yedam
ISBN: 9788959134809
Hardcover / 272 Page / 126*210mm / 429g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

The book is a series of "Love Sentences" by Choi Gap-soo, who received a lot of popularity as a universal theme about love. The combination of sentences about love selected by poet, travel writer, and photographer Choi Gap-soo, and more dense pictures and essays flowing between them creates an exquisite atmosphere.

The stories that are difficult to explain in words and unable to show all of their minds become clearer with a clear and deep essay by writer Choi Gap-soo. Also, with a deep black-and-white picture of love that is not positive, a color picture that is heightened in between, and a lingering finish, it intersects not only current love but also all love and fully represents your heart.

We can't define love, but we know when love comes to mind. I have a face or memory that suddenly comes to me while reading a book, watching a movie, and listening to music. The feeling of empathy for the sentence, lines, and song lyrics that seem to express my heart instead remains in my heart for a long time. The sentences of love chosen by writer Choi Gap-soo also stay long in the eyes and mind.

There are not only beautiful sentences, but also sentences that lead us to sadness. Like the unpredictable pain of parting from the brightest moment, the growing process of love, the sentences that remain at the tip of the tongue give a short but long lingering feeling.

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