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Iliad (Large Print)
Iliad (Large Print)
Iliad (Large Print)
Item#: 9788961672160
Regular price: $56.60
Sale price: $48.11

Product Description
Title: Iliad (Large Print)
Korean Title: 일리아스 (큰글자)
Author: Homer
Publisher: doduls
ISBN: 9788961672726
272 pages / 188 * 257 mm / 517g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

The first and foremost epic of mankind to become the mainstream of Western culture, "Iliad". Homer's "Iliad" is an epic written around 900 BC, which contains 24 volumes and 15,000 lines. It is a classic of mankind called the "circular circle of literature" that elaborates and beautifully on the mythological world. Under the mythical theme of the Trojan War, this epic poem had a huge impact on the spirit and life of the Greeks, becoming a source of Greek culture, including Greek literature, philosophy, art, and architecture. Greek culture is the root of Western civilization. Thus, "Iliad" is a must-read book to understand Western history, philosophy, and literature today, and is a more sophisticated book to enjoy the world of Greek mythology.

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