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I Love Korean 1 (Student's Book)
I Love Korean 1 (Student's Book)
I Love Korean 1 (Student's Book)
Item#: 9788952128744
Regular price: $41.50
Sale price: $24.56

Product Description
Author: Seoul National University Language Institute
Publisher: Seoul National University
ISBN: 9788952128744
168 pages

About This Book

Seoul National University presents an ideal series for short-term Korean study!

Table of Contents

How to Use This Book
Scope and Sequence

1 Hangeul
  (1) Learning Hangeul (1)
  (2) Learning Hangeul (2)
2 Basic Korean
  (3) Learning Hangeul (3)
  Classroom Korean and Greetings
3 Introductions
  Iím American
  Ting-Ting, are you a student?
4 Items and Objects
  What is this?
  Do you have any tissues?
5 Food and Ordering
  Please give me some orange juice
  Please give me two bowls of bibimbap and a bottle of cola
6 Daily Life
  What are you doing?
  Where do you go?
7 Shopping
  What tastes delicious?
  How much is it?
8 Time and Date
  What time is it now?
  Which day is the test on?
9 Weather and Life
  Itís cold today
  Where is it?


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