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I'm living in New York by Haruday
I'm living in New York by Haruday
I'm living in New York by Haruday
Item#: 9791167820860
Regular price: $30.18
Sale price: $25.66

Product Description
Title: The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children
Korean Title: 깨어있는 부모
Author: Haruday
Publisher: sangsang.publishing
ISBN: 9791167820860
256 page /128 * 188mm/ 256g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

YouTuber Haruday, who is loved for her vlog of his daily life in New York. It is a video that shows the unique eyes of the emotional and warm author, and it has accumulated 15 million views and shares New York's romance. I live in New York, The book contains the scenery of New York that such an author stopped and looked at while walking on the street.

The author honestly tells a story that could not be known only by travel, telling what he experienced while living in New York. The part that could not be explained in the text was added as a tip. These small tips provide new information for those who have never lived in New York, and become an element of empathy for those who have lived in New York.The author begins to fill New York with his own sensibility in finding a place he likes.

In Delhi, where you can get a glimpse of different personalities depending on your owner, you meet a "Bodega Cat," like an icon in New York, and act as a "poster" that temporarily protects cats through a shelter you found out by chance. New Yorkers, who start small talk first with smiley faces everywhere, feel like friendly neighbors before they know it, and the city, which was only cold and unfriendly, is filled with loving spaces.

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