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Imperial Woman
Imperial Woman
Imperial Woman
Item#: 9788991291409
Regular price: $36.79
Sale price: $31.27

Product Description
Korean Title: Yeonin Seotaehu
Author: Pearl S. Buck
Translator: Jong-gil Lee
Publisher: Gilsan
Hardcover | 680 pages | 125*187mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean only.

About This Book

Imperial Woman tells the story of Tzu-Hsi, the last Empress of China. It is well known that she was a formidable, fierce and cruelly efficient leader, but this story begins when she is a beautiful young teenager, vibrant, full of life, and deeply in love with her cousin, a handsome and stalwart guard at the Imperial Palace.

As was the custom in the day (as I learned from this book), the Emperor yearly picked a new crop of concubines from the daughters of the wealthy of China. It was considered a great honor to send one's daughter into whoredom at the palace, and the shocking details of how they were chosen and used make up the first part of the book. Our heroine, who is still known by her childhood name, Yehonala, is sent, along with her cousin Sakota--both are picked. On one inevitable night, Yehonala is sent to the Emperor's bedroom, and there loses her innocence forever, in more ways than one.

Swiftly becoming the Emperor's favorite, our heroine learns the intrigues of the palace, learning to trust nobody but to rely on only those closest to her. She consolidates her position by giving birth to the Emperor's only son, thus receiving the new name of "fortunate mother"--and a place of power higher than any woman in the palace.

But was the Emperor's son really his son? Can the formerly innocent concubine, fast becoming a political player worthy of anybody in today's world, stay alive to see her son crowned? Or will she be murdered in the truly baroque but terribly dangerous palace in-wars?

All is told in this fascinating book, written in Buck's simple but elegant style. This is one of her best, and well worth finding and reading. --W. Kaplan

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