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Inconvenient convenience store 2
Inconvenient convenience store 2
Inconvenient convenience store 2
Item#: 9791161571379
Regular price: $26.41
Sale price: $22.45

Product Description
Title: Inconvenient convenience store 2
Korean Title: 불편한 편의점 2
Author: Hoyeon Kim
Publisher: chair next to the tree
ISBN: 9791161571379
320 page /135 * 200mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

"After a tiring day, summer night at a convenience store" The Always convenience store, which comforts 700,000 readers' tired days, is open today as well. A year and a half have passed since the first story, which begins when Dokgo, a homeless man at Seoul Station, works as a night-time part-time employee at a convenience store. In the summer of ALWAYS Convenience Store, the convenience store once again faces a change as Kwak, who was in charge of night time as a replacement for Dokgo, quit and found a new night part-time job. This man, whose large size and slow action remind him of Dokgo, and the clumsy chatterbox greet the guests with a name tag bearing the nickname Hong Geum-bo on his chest instead of the name Hwang Geun-bae.

I go to a convenience store on a night when I want to cool off by drinking alcohol or on a particularly tiring day. Such customers also visit the Cheongpa-dong convenience store. Choi, CEO of a butcher's restaurant, who drinks alone at an outdoor table at a convenience store due to his lack of business, and Mingyu, a high school student who is more tired and hurt from witnessing his parents' marital quarrel. They also go to convenience stores on a particularly tiring day like me. Convenience stores in alleys lit up like night posts are always welcoming them. With the generous heart of a convenience store cashier who keeps talking to him even if he is rejected, the summer night of the convenience store deepens.

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