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Institutes of the Christian Religion
Institutes of the Christian Religion
Institutes of the Christian Religion
Item#: 9788944724145
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Product Description
Korean Title: Gidokgyo Gangyo (기독교 강요)
Author: John Calvin
Translator: Nak-heung Yang
Publisher: Christian Digest
ISBN : 9788944724145(8944724148)
Hardcover | 423 pages | 150 * 225 mm

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>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Institutes of the Christian Religion is John Calvin's seminal work on Protestant theology.

The original Latin edition appeared in 1536 with a preface addressed to King Francis I of France, written on behalf of the French Protestants (Huguenots) who were being persecuted. Most often, references to the Institutes are to Calvin's final Latin edition of 1559, which was significantly expanded and revised from earlier editions. The Institutes are a primary historical reference for the system of doctrine adopted by the Reformed churches, usually called Calvinism.

The opening chapter of the Institutes is perhaps the best known, in which Calvin presents the basic plan of the book. There are two general subjects to be examined: the creator, and his creatures. Above all, the book concerns the knowledge of God the Creator; but "as it is in the creation of man that the divine perfections are best displayed", there also is an examination of what can be known about humankind. After all, it is mankind's knowledge of God and of what he requires of his creatures, that is overall the issue of concern for a book of theology. In the first chapter, these two issues are considered together, to show what God has to do with mankind (and other creatures), and especially, how knowing God is connected with human knowledge.

To pursue that explanation of the relationship between God and man, Calvin adopts a traditional structure of Christian instruction used in Western Christianity, by arranging the material according to the plan of the Apostles' Creed. First the knowledge of God is considered as knowledge of the Father, the creator, provider and sustainer. Then it is examined how the Son reveals the Father, as only God is able to reveal God. And finally, the third section of the Institutes describes the work of the Holy Spirit, who raised Christ from the dead, and who comes from the Father and the Son to effect a union in the Church through faith in Jesus Christ, with God, forever.

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