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I want to die as I am
I want to die as I am
I want to die as I am
Item#: 9788950973605
Regular price: $27.92
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Product Description
Title: Nadabge salda nadabge juggo sipda
Author: Hasida Sugako
Translator: Jung Hwan Kim
Publisher: 21C Books
280page 130 * 188 * 19 mm /346g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

92 years old Popular screenwriter of "Wataru ga Okonomi" talks Ultimate loser theory The proposal of the shock problem raised the 2016 "Bungei Spring and Summer Reader Award"! NHK Close - up Hyundai + "The Euthanasia Death Declaration" at the age of 92 "The talk of Hashida Shigako Live and Death" is a hot topic.

It was when the author was 89 years old when he began "final honki". The chance was told from Mr. Pinski Izumi Izumi, an actress who is calling the author about herself as a mama and said, "Because my mom is already 90 years old, I'm old enough". It is forerunner to her husband, there are no children, no close friends, Temple long loneliness. I also finished my work and went to places I wanted to go all over the world. I did not have anything left to do, no one wanted to meet, I thought that I lived enough. Since the will was made at the age of 80, we started organizing things first, we dispose of a lot of manuscripts, videotapes, letters, etc. of drama up to now.Afterwards it was not known to anyone quietly, I decided not to announce what I was dead, nor to have a funeral or memorable party.
However, the only thing that is worrisome is getting sick, becoming dementia, and causing annoyance to the people. It was a question of author's dignity. I also want you to hurt pain and pain when dying. "Euthanasia" is what I thought when I thought of when I wanted to decide when and how to die. However, euthanasia is not permitted in the current medical practice in Japan. It is legalized in some European countries and some states in the US, but if Japanese wish to euthanize it will depend on Swiss NPO. Therefore, the authors claim that they want to improve the law in Japan and give freedom to choose their own way of death. Of course, it is the case that the person himself wishes to the last, and the understanding of the surrounding people was obtained.
The author, "I want to pass by euthanasia" contributed to "Bungei Spring Autumn" in the December issue of 2016 called great response and received the 78th Bungei spring and autumn reader award. From the reader, a lot of supportive voices such as "I agree with you" and "Please become a flag banner of legislation" were received. This book also contains a dialogue of a letter written between a man who suffers from a wife suffering from illness and a man with progressive difficulty suffering from the writer. .

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