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Jealousy Is My Middle Name (Region-1,3)
Jealousy Is My Middle Name (Region-1,3)
Jealousy Is My Middle Name (Region-1,3)
Item#: 9032222406
Regular price: $25.43
Sale price: $21.62

Product Description
Korean Title: Jiltuneun Naeui Him
Starring: Bae Jong-Ok, Moon Seong-Geun, Park Hae-Il
Director: Park Chan-Ok
Studio: Myung Films / Starmax
Rating: 15+
Genre: Drama

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This DVD is encoded for Region 1 and 3. This DVD will NOT be viewable on regular DVD players made in the European countries or Japan unless they are code-(region-)free DVD players. To learn more about DVD Region Code, please visit our Info Page and look for Info on DVD Region Code in Return Policy section.

About This DVD

Lee Wonsang is finishing his masters thesis in literature and planning to go to England to study and then return to an academic job. He lives modestly, working part time as a plumber and renting a single room above a house run by young Ahn Hyeok, who struggles to keep her family of troubled brother and aging father together. And his girlfriend has just dumped him because of another man.

As he tries to go on with his routine, an editor friend asks Wonsang to write a magazine article on Marguerite Duras that's late in coming, Wonsang agrees but finds out that the magazine publisher was the reason his girlfriend dumped him. When he delivers the article, the publisher, Han Yoonshik, mistakenly dresses Wonsang down for being the late writer. Rather than be angry, Wonsang asks for and gets the writing job. Yoonshik takes a liking to Wonsang and when Wonsang offers to be his driver, he readily agrees and Wonsang more and more also becomes Yoonshik's personal assistant.

On assignment, Wonsang meets Park Sungyeon, a freelance photographer and part time veterinarian, and is immediately smitten by her full time free spirit. He persuades her to take a job at the magazine but soon Yoonshik stakes a claim on this new catch. Disturbed that he might lose out again to Yoonshik, Wonsang begs Sungyeon not to sleep with Yoonshik and Sungyeon finds herself drawing closer to Wonsang.

One night Wonsang finds Hyeok distraught over her family troubles, and has sex with her. The next day she pronounces that she is probably pregnant and announces their marriage plans. Yoonshik's needs also take up more of Wonsang's time and as a result he fails his thesis exam and his plans to study abroad are dashed. And his ex-girlfriend threatens to tell Yoonshik who Wonsang really is…

Audio Format: DD 5.1 Surround, DD 2.0 Stereo
Video Format: Widescreen 1.85:1 (Anamorphic) 
Languages: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean  
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: 1, 3
Year Made: 2003 
Running Time: 124
Special Features: - Two version by Different Commentary
- Director's Short Film: Late Summer
- Making of Film
- Deleted Scenes
- Trailer, Photo Gallery
- Cast & Staff's Profile
Availability: Usually ships in 5-10 days
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