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Item#: 8970469745
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Product Description
Korean Title: Sesang-eseo Gajang Areumdaun Saram, "Joel"
Author: Joel Sonnenberg
Translator: Eung-jun Bae
Publisher: Kyujang

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean only.

About This Book

An inspiring story of tremendous tragedy and grief followed by the immense faith, hope and love of the Sonnenberg family. Its message is that no matter how tragic the circumstances in life, they can be overcome with a positive attitude and knowledge that God has a purpose for your life. With Gods love and strong support from family and friends, people can survive, even thrive, through life's difficulties.

About The Author

Joel Sonnenberg is the victim of a horrendous car accident, the now 26-year-old who wanted to be a musician, but without hands, or even lips, what could he possibly play? Sonnenberg eventually realized his instrument was his voice. On September 15, 1979, en route to Maine, the Sonnenbergs' family car was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. When a rescuer pulled the 22-month-old Sonnenberg from the wreckage, burns covered 85% of his smoldering body. With little hope, emergency workers transported Sonnenberg to the Shriners Burn Institute in Boston where he quickly lost his fingers, toes, lips, ears and nose. However tragic his story, Sonnenberg's recounting of his young life resounds in hope as he takes every opportunity to speak about how God has given him the courage to succeed. He is an enthusiastic storyteller, wanting to communicate not only his sorrows, but also his achievements, which are considerable. Sonnenberg credits his own optimism and his family's strong support with helping him earn his Eagle Scout award, serve as his high school's student body president, get elected Citizen of the Year for western South Carolina and carry the Olympic torch. A graduate of Taylor University, Sonnenberg continues to use his voice, and his experiences, to speak regularly across the country of his remarkable life and unshakable faith.

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