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Joseon Magician- Mumble Series-02
Joseon Magician- Mumble Series-02
Joseon Magician- Mumble Series-02
Item#: 9788937441622
Regular price: $26.42
Sale price: $22.45

Product Description
Title: Joseon Magician- Mumble Series-02
Korean Title: 조선 마술사
Author: Lee Won-tae Kim Tak-hwan
Publisher: Minumsa
ISBN: 9788937441622
416 page /145 * 210 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

『The Joseon Magician』 is the story of a magician in the Joseon Dynasty.
Were there any magicians in the Joseon Dynasty? there was. This novel began with “Hwanhuigi” in “Yeolhailgi”, a travelogue written by Park Ji-won of Yeonam during her travels to the Qing Dynasty.
「Hwanhuigi」is the part that records the witchcrafts seen in the market place of yeolha.
In 'Thanksgiving', it is said that he continued to read 『Yeolha Ilgi』 for 5 years while thinking of a novel and refining it. In the Joseon Dynasty, what kind of words would a magician capture people's attention and make them confused?
Completed with a love that risked his life and a battle that risked his fate, 『The Joseon Magician』 started from a single clue found in the book.

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