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Joseon National Museum of Art
Joseon National Museum of Art
Joseon National Museum of Art
Item#: 9788968334177
Regular price: $31.70
Sale price: $26.94

Product Description
Author : Hyunkyu Tak
Publisher : Black Fish

This book is written in Korean.

This book is a collection of folk paintings and court documentation from Joseon, the height of Korean culture. It is written by Tak Hyun-kyu, a top commentator on ancient art who has made a splash with every exhibition he organizes and arouses the admiration of the audience at every lecture. In addition to the works of seven genius Joseon painters, including Shin Yun-bok, Jeong Seon, and Kim Hong-do, the book also introduces the archival paintings of Sookjong and Yeongjo, who enjoyed a reign of peace, making it a special art book that doubles the pleasure of viewing. The author reinterprets the outstanding artistic skills of Joseon painters by reinterpreting them according to modern standards. In this book, the author explores the unique methods of production that can be applied to modern movies and dramas, such as the contrast between red and blue clothes, looking into the house from a high place outside the fence, using the floor connecting the open room and the yard as a stage, and creating a psychological state with the eyes, as well as the first law of Jingyeong Sanshui, which states that it is not interesting to draw everything, in the paintings of Jung Sun and Kim Hong Do. This is the moment when the value of old painters is renewed by the author's sharp interpretation. Even before the introduction of photography, paintings were an important clue to the times and a good source of history. From this perspective, the author has selected more than 50 paintings that are characteristic of the late Joseon Dynasty, which enjoyed a period of tranquility, and included them in this book. From folk paintings depicting the colorful daily lives of the people to documentary paintings depicting the spectacular events of the royal family and high society, this is the place to go to see beautiful old paintings and learn about vivid history at the same time.

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