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Kim Mi-Kyung's Reboot
Kim Mi-Kyung's Reboot
Kim Mi-Kyung's Reboot
Item#: 9788901243665
Regular price: $30.19
Sale price: $25.66

Product Description
Title: Kim Mi-Kyung's Reboot -
Korean Title: 김미경의 리부트
Author: Kim Mi Kyung
Publisher: sigong junior
ISBN: 9788901243665
276 page /148 * 210 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

The best instructor in Korea to encourage the dreams, challenges and growth of the entire nation. After starting teaching at the age of twenty-eight, I have met millions of audiences over the past 28 years.
In January 2020, something like Cheongcheonbyulkwang came to her, who has lectured on stages and topics from large companies and small and medium-sized businesses to TV and YouTube, from leadership and relationships to communication and all kinds of self-development.
The world of Corona19, the virus that hit the world and the social distance chosen for the safety of humanity, collapsed in an instant, with hundreds of thousands breathing in the lecture hall.

However, she was the one who raised her dreams while Gangsan changed three times. Even in front of the Corona Crisis, she went on to find a solution like her.
Since he is a person who loves his job so much, he must find a solution because he is the CEO of a company that values the work and livelihood of 20 employees. She met dozens of experts, read hundreds of books, read thousands of reports, and listened to the myriad stories of unemployment and closure, so she solved her life's homework. And finally, after discovering the formula of the world that has changed since Corona, I wrote this book to share the solution with those in a difficult situation.

Today, she posts content on the YouTube channel 〈Kim Mi-kyung TV〉, and delivers her dream as the dean of the online university 〈MKYU University〉, where 10,000 of the most passionate people in Korea study, and encourages unmarried mothers through'Grumam' Presents.
His books include "This Word Saved Me", "My Mother's Self-Study", "Kim Mi-kyung's Lifeless Answer", "Kim Mi-kyung's Dream On", "My Sister's Reading", "My Wife with a Dream Won't Get Old."

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