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King’s Wrath (Vol.1~2)
King’s Wrath (Vol.1~2)
King’s Wrath (Vol.1~2)
Item#: 9788960178410
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Product Description
Title: King’s Wrath
Author: Seong Hyun Choi
Publisher: Golden Branch
320 page 127 * 188 * 16 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

In the background of the 18th century English and Japanese colonial era, the novel "Flood", written as a political thriller in the courtroom and the plot. Choi Sung-hyun, who wrote the film for the film “Yuk Lin” has written through a long-thought-out idea.

In particular, this work will describe in detail the political situation and major events in the palace, which is the historical background from the time of the formation of the Jeongjo who assassination attempt, and reconstruct the inner part of the unknown events through the imagination of the artist, It serves as a new exciting factor for unknown readers.

It is based on the historical event that the Janghungjaeja (later Sado Catholic) was unable to cross the Han River due to the rainy season in the hot spring palace two years before the greatest tragedy of the royal family that shook Korea in 1762. After seeing the figure of Myeongryong (a hero who can not meet the time) from the crowded crowd to see the taxa directly, Keiji Lee will return to the palace and become a true king for all the people.

To do that, I had to confront the true Tangpyeong, or Noron, who had bent over all his power. However, as well as Abigail Young, who was a king by Noron, and his wife, Hyeong Kyung Hong, and his father, Hong Bong Han, and Queen Chun Soo, and even their mother, Noron, he met Joe Jae Soo, the last survivor of Sorong, I will follow.

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