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The Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots 8: Korean Dance
The Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots 8: Korean Dance
The Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots 8: Korean Dance
Item#: 8973006266
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Product Description
Author: Mal-bok Kim
Publisher: Ehwa Women's Univ
Hardcover | 145 pages | 188*128mm

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>>>This book is written in English.

About This Book

This book provides a comprehensive view of what is internationally known as the "Korean dance." It not only lists the courtly and common dances, but covers the recent ones which introduced in to Korea around 1945 and performed on the western-style stage. With the aid of ample pictures and drawings the book generously provides, the interested reader can grasp easily what the roots of the traditional Korean dance are and what stages of development it has underwent.


1. Understanding the Korean Dance

2. Court Dance
Geommu(Sword Dance)
Cheoyongmu(Dance of the Dragon King's Son)
Seonyurak(Boating Party Dance)
Mugo(Drum Dance)
Pogurak(Ball Game Dance)
Heonseondo(Peach-Offering Dance)
Bonglaeui(Phoenix Dance)
Monggeumcheok(Dream of Golden Ruler Dance)
Ahbakmu(Ivory Clappers Dance)
Chunaengjeon(Dance of the Spring Nightingale)
Gainjeonmokdan(Beautiful Women Picking Peonies Dance)
Goguryeomu(Goguryeo Dance)
Bakjeopmu(Fluttering Butterfly Wings Dance)
Musanhyang(Fragrance of Dancing Mountain Dance)
Hakyeonhwadaemu(Crane and Lotus Pedestal Dance)

3. Folk Dance
Salpuri(Spirit-Cleansing Dance)
Seungmu(Monk Dance)
Hallyangmu(Dance of Prodigal Noblemen)
Ipchum(Basic Dance)
Taepyeongmu(Great Peace Dance)
Jinju-geommu(Jinju Sword Dance)
Seungjeonmu(Victory Dance)
Buponorichum(Feather Tassel Dance)
Chaesang-sogochum(Tambour Dance)
Deotbaegichum(Thrust Dance)
Dongrae-hakchum(Dongrae Crane Dance)
Palmeokjungchum(Dance of the Eight Unworthy Monks)
Miyalhalmichum(Old Woman's Dance)
Ganggang-suwollae(Maidens' Round Dance)

4. Ritual Dance
Ilmu(Line Dance)
Beobgochum(Dharma Drum Dance)
Nabichum(Butterfly Dance)
Barachum(Cymbal Dance)
Mumu(Shaman Dance)

5. New Dance
Hwagwanmu(Floral Coronet Dance)
Jangguchum(Hourglass-Shaped Drum Dance)
Buchaechum(Fan Dance)


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