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Korean Language for a Good Job 2 (with CD)
Korean Language for a Good Job 2 (with CD)
Korean Language for a Good Job 2 (with CD)
Item#: 9788959957781
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Product Description
Korean Language for a Good Job 2
Author: Darakwon Korean Lab.
Publisher: Darakwon
248 pages / 188 * 257 mm / 471 g

About This Book

For Korean companies' working professionals, tailored Korean language resources are designed specifically for foreign employees navigating both workplace and daily life situations. It contains essential expressions necessary for successful professional and everyday life in Korea, presented in a clear, engaging manner. The book offers a wealth of useful information for thriving in Korean workplace culture, explaining complex Korean grammar and expressions in an easy and enjoyable way. With friendly explanations, abundant examples, engaging illustrations, and accurate pronunciation guidance, it facilitates effective Korean language learning aimed at successful career development in Korea.

Table of Contents


How to Use This Book

Lesson Plan Template
  1. 처음 뵙겠습니다. Nice to meet you.
  2. 중국어를 조금 할 수 있어요. I can speak Chinese a little.
  3. 전화 좀 받아 주세요. Please take that phone call for me.
  4. 서울이 북경보다 더워요? Is Seoul hotter than Beijing?
  5. 퇴근하기 전에 준비를 끝내세요. Please be done with preparations before you leave work today.
  6. 환전하려고 하는데요. Iíd like to change the money.
  7. 야유회에 어떤 옷을 입고 갈 거예요? What are you going to wear to the picnic?
  8. 닭갈비를 먹어 봤어요? Have you ever had chicken galbi?
  9. 오늘은 푹 쉬고 빨리 나으세요. Rest well today and get better quickly.
  10. EMS로 보내면 얼마나 걸려요? How long would it take by EMS?
  11. 3시에 가겠다고 전해 주세요. Then please tell him that Iíll be there at 3.
  12. 여기에 주차하면 안 됩니다. You cannot park here.
  13. 피곤할 때는 사우나를 하는 게 좋아요. Itís always good to go to... a sauna when youíre tired.
  14. 한국 회사에 취직했으면 좋겠어요. I wish to find a job at a company in Korea.
  15. 무역 회사에서 일한 적이 있습니까? Have you ever worked at a trading company before?

  • Answer
  • Grammar & Culture Translation
  • Index

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