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Korean Pronunciation Guide
Korean Pronunciation Guide
Korean Pronunciation Guide
Item#: 9788927731832
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Product Description
Korean Pronunciation Guide : How to Sound Like a Korean
Author: Kim Jimin , Yoon Shinae , Lee Eunju
Publisher: Darakwon
ISBN : 9788927731832
280 page/ 188*257mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean and English
MP3 CD is included.

About This Book

This book is put together to enable learners of the Korean language to study pronunciation rules by themselves.
It was also made so that teachers of Korean, who know the importance of pronunciation but encounter difficulties in teaching it because of the lack of contents in their main textbooks, could use this book in educational practice.

This book consists of Basic Korean Pronunciation, Pronunciation Rules, and Reading Practice.
In Basic Korean Pronunciation, vowels, consonants, final consonants, and liaison are explained so that students can learn the basic Korean alphabet and its pronunciation characteristics.
In Pronunciation Rules, the pronunciation rules of when the Korean word is not pronounced as it is written are explained in an easy manner.
Through conversation and the exercise sections, the learner can pronounce Korean more accurately.
In preparations of Reading, intonations that the learner must pay special attention to when reading a Korean sentence are introduced.
In Reading Practice, 10 colloquial style passages and 10 written style passages with various and practical themes are presented to boost the learner's interest in Korean culture.
In this section, the pronunciation rules presented earlier are reviewed, the speed of reading is checked, and the learner is led to read the passage several times to enhance fluency.


An Overview of Korean Pronunciation
1 Vowels 모음 / Consonants 자음 /3 Final Consonants 받침 / 4 Liaison 연음

1 Aspirated Consonants: 축하 / 2 Elimination of ㅎ Pronunciation: 괜찮아요 /3 Fortis Articulation: 식당/4 Palatalization: 같이 /5 Nasalization ①: 박물관 /6 Nasalization ②: 정류장 /7 Nasalization ③: 대학로 /8 Liquidization: 설날 /9 Addition of ㄴ: 시청역

PartⅢ. READING PRACTICE Preparations for Reading / Colloquial Speech
1 Volunteering 봉사 활동 / 2 Interview 1 Job Seeker 취업 준비생 /3 The Host 영화 괴물/ 4 Nami Island 남이섬 /5 Stretching 스트레칭 / 6 Interview 2 Film Director 영화감독 /7 Gwangjang Market 광장 시장 / 8 Interview 3 Job Interview 면접 /9 Weather Forecast 일기 예보/ 10 Counseling 상담
Written Korean
11 Coffee 커피 /12 Korean Drama 한국 드라마 /13 Pojangmacha (Cart Bar) 포장마차 /14 Patbingsu 팥빙수/15 Military 군대/16 Cheering for Baseball 야구 응원 문화 /17 Chicken and Beer 치킨과 맥주/ 18 A Man Who Cooks 요리하는 남자 /19 Ajumma Perm 아줌마 파마/20 Day Culture 데이 문화

Answers / English Translations/ Explanations in Korean / Hangeul Table

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