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Korea Bug
Korea Bug
Korea Bug
Item#: 8956601097
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Product Description
Author: J. Scott Burgeson
Publisher: Eunhaengnamu
460pp | 225*171mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in English.

About This Book

Bug has always been an interview magazine first and foremost, although I've tried my best to move beyond that model in recent years. On a political level, I simply felt it was presumptuous to write about a culture I had only recently come into direct contact with, and decided that listening to local people was the best approach, at least early on.

On a more basic and political level, though, I started up Bug in early 1997 mainly as a means of meeting prominent or interesting people I admired whom I probably wouldn't have had the chance to encounter otherwise; it was my way of interacting more intensly and profoundly with the new community I found myself in - "Korea"- and in fact was just the first of many subsequent levels of community involvement that I experienced through Bug, a never-ending process of almost viral-like transmission and replication that continues to this day. - J. Scott Burgeson


Introduction : Korea Bug

Incredibly Strange Books about Korea Written by Honkies
The Most Famous Foreigner Who ever Came to Korea

The baeksu : Ahn Young-sang
The Gisaeng : Kim Ja-ya
The Mudang : Lee Sang-soon
The Taekkyon Master : Lee Yong-bok
The Chomjaeng'i : Ahn Sung-kyun
The Tailor : U.S.Kim

Yi Paksa
Yim Soon-rye
Choi Jeong-hwa
Byun Young-joo
Hong Sang-soo
DJ Fujiwara

Ken Kaliher
Daehangno's Little Manila
Rungsit Abdul Rashid Waesoho
Texas Street, Busan
Outside Country People

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