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Korean Cuisine
Korean CuisineKorean Cuisine
Korean Cuisine
Item#: 8970844066
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Product Description
Author: Yongja Kim
Publisher: YEKYONG
Pub.Date: Aug.2009
Pages: 222
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 9.05x9.44x0.78

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in ENGLISH.

About This Book


Jonchaeyori Appetizers
Gheran Chim_ Silky Egg Custard
Paeju Gui_ Grilled Scallops with Sesame Salt
Sahmchi Whe_ Fresh Tuna with Hot and Sweet Vinaigrette
Ojing-o Chomuchim_ Squid with Hot and Sweet Vinaigrette
Muk_ Molded Acorn Jelly with Seaweed and Seasoned Soy Sauce
Sengson Jon_ Pan-grilled Fish with Egg
Hobak Jon_ Pan-grilled Zucchini with Egg
Haemul Pajon_ Scallion Pancakes with Oysters
Bindaetok_ Mung Bean Pancakes with Clams and Shrimp
Haepari Nengche_ Jellyfish Salad with Mustard
Oisun_ Stuffed Cucumber with Beef and Egg Strips
Tokboki_ Stir-fried Rice Cake Slices with Beef and Mushrooms
Gujolpan_ Nine-Ingredient Wraps
* Jidan_ Yellow and White Egg Pancakes

Dubu Tofu (Bean Curd)
Yangnyom Dubu_ Seasoned Tofu
1 Tofu with Seasoned Soy Sauce
2 Tofu with Marinated Pollack Roe
3 Tofu with Marinated Oysters
Dubu Jorim_ Braised Tofu with Soy Sauce
Dubu Jijim_ Seared Tofu with Crispy Crust

Kimchi Marinated Cabbage
Baek Kimchi_ White Cabbage with Garlic and Ginger
Baechu Kimchi_ Cabbage with Chili Flakes and Small Salted Shrimp
Oi Sobagi_ Stuffed Cucumber with Wild Leek and Chili Flakes
Kaktugi_ Radish Cubes with Garlic and Chili Flakes
Bossam Kimchi_ Wrapped Cabbage with Oysters, Pine Nuts and Pear
* Chapsalpul_ Sweet/Glutinous Rice Liquid (binding agent)

Namul Marinated Vegetables
Sukju Namul_ Bean Sprouts with Sesame Salt
Kong Namul_ Soybean Sprouts with Sesame Salt
Miyok Muchim_ Seaweed Salad with Vinaigrette
Sigumchi Namul_ Spinach with Sesame Oil and Lemon Juice
Gosari Namul_ Bracken Sprouts with Garlic and Sesame Oil
Chi Namul_ Marinated Wild Aster
Bosot Bokum_ Stir-fried Mushrooms with Salt
Gamja Bokum_ Stir-fried Potato Strips and Green Chili
Ssam_ Lettuce Wraps with Seasoned Soybean Paste
Musengche_ Sweet and Sour Radish Salad
Hobak Chim_ Steamed Zucchini with Seasoned Soy Sauce
Putgochu Chim_ Steamed Green Chilies with Flour Coating
Asparagus Muchim_ Asparagus with Seasoned Chili Paste
Sukat Muchim_ Chrysanthemum Leaves with Seasoned Chili Paste
Doraji Namul_ Bellflower Roots with Chili Vinaigrette
Oi Namul_ Cucumber with Seasoned Chili Paste

Mitbanchan Salty Side Dishes
Bugo Muchim_ Shredded Dried Pollock
Bang-opo Gui_ Grilled White Bait Sheets
Oeriguljot_ Marinated Oysters with Ginger, Radish and Chili Powder
Jangjorim_ Shredded Beef with Green Chilies in Soy Sauce
Marunsaewu Bokum_ Stir-Fry of Dried Shrimp with Perilla Seed Oil
Myolchi Bokum_ Stir-Fry of Dried Anchovies with Green Chilies

Gui Grilled Meat & Fish
Bulgogi_ Grilled Beef with Soy Sauce and Sesame Marinade
Galbi Gui_ Grilled Short Ribs with Soy Sauce and Sesame Marinade
Sanjok_ Skewered Beef with Mushrooms and Carrots
Samgyopsal Gui_ Grilled Pork Belly with Hot and Sweet Marinade
Cholpan Gui_ Tabletop-grilled Meat, Tofu and Vegetables
Daeha Jijim_ Pan-grilled Whole Shrimp with Chili Flakes
Bugo Gui_ Grilled Dried Pollack with Hot and Sweet Marinade
Sengson Gui_ Grilled Fish with Salt
* Pahmuchim_ Marinated Scallion Strips

Chigae & Chim Stews & Braised Meat and Fish
Denjang Chigae_ Tofu & Soybean Paste Stew
Haemul Tookbaegi_ Seafood Pot with Chrysanthemum Leaves
Godung-o Chim_ Braised Mackerel with Radish in Chili Sauce
Sengson Chim_ Braised Fish with Radish in Seasoned Soy Sauce
Galbi Chim_ Braised Short Ribs with Radish and Shiitake Mushrooms
Dak Chim_ Braised Chicken with Soy Sauce and Vinegar

Bap & Juk Rice & Porridge
Bap_ Rice
Ogokbap_ Five-grain Rice
Giimbap_ Seaweed Rolls of Rice, Beef and Spinach
Bibimbap_ Rice with Medley of Vegetables
Sangchu Bibimbap_ Rice with Lettuce and Muk (Molded Acorn Jelly)
Sengson Bibimbap_ Rice with Grilled Fish, Avocado and Cucumber
Dejigogi Bibimbap_ Rice with Grilled Pork and Vegetables
Dakjuk_ Porridge with Chicken
Jaatjuk_ Porridge with Ground Pine Nuts
* Chicken Broth for Juk (Porridge)

Guk Soups
Sengson Jiri_ Fish with Chrysanthemum Leaves in Ginger Broth
Miyok Nengguk_ Cold Seaweed Soup with Cucumber
Miyokguk_ Seaweed Soup with Beef
Toranguk_ Taro Root Soup with Kelp and Radish
Mooguk_ Radish Soup
Jogae Sigumchiguk_ Soybean Paste Soup with Clams and Spinach
Yonggae Baeksuk_ Baby Chicken Soup Stuffed with Sweet/Glutinous Rice
Tokguk_ Beef Bone Soup with Rice Cake Slices

Guksu, Myon Noodles
Nengmyon_ Cold Noodles with Medley of Toppings in Beef Broth
Bibim Nengmyon_ Cold Noodles with Medley of Toppings and Spicy Sauce
Haemul Jengbanguksu_ Seafood and Noodle Platter
Japche_ Clear Noodles with Beef and Vegetables
Janchi Guksu_ Party Noodles

Husik Desserts
Yongun Jongua_ Candied Lotus Roots
Gaam_ Persimmons with Honey and Lime Juice
Baesuk_ Pears with Peppercorn in Ginger Broth
Whache_ Watermelon Puree with Apple Slices
Goon Goguma_ Baked Sweet Potatoes with Dark Brown Sugar
Patjuk_ Red Bean Puree with Sweet/Glutinous Rice Balls
Sujongua_ Semi-dried Persimmons with Cinnamon in Ginger Broth
Yaksik_ Sweet/Glutinous Rice with Chestnuts and Dates
Songnyu Muk_ Pomegranate Jelly
Chilled Oranges with Yujachong (Citrus Fruit Preserve)

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