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Korean Garden: A World Scholars Strolled About
Korean Garden: A World Scholars Strolled About
Korean Garden: A World Scholars Strolled About
Item#: 8977660335
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Product Description
by Kyun Ho, Kapchol Lee (photographs)
Original title: Han-gugui Chongwon Sonbiga Konildon Segye

size: 212*170mm; 300 pages. publisher: Tarun Sesang, 2002.

About this book

Unlike the Chinese and Japanese gardens which are characterized by its artificial nature beauty, Korean garden is nature by itself. It keeps as possible as it can the natural landscape and the other natural arrangements. That means it seems like there is no boundary between the real nature and the garden built and controlled by man. Beneath this way of garden landscaping, there are an absolute respect for the nature, belief that human beings can't be separated from it and also Korean people's reluctance in artificiality.

This beautiful book filled with photos capturing beauty of Korean garden leads readers to symbolism and philosophy behind Korean gardens.

There is a brief summary in English at the end of the book.

This book is written in Korean only.

Availability: This item is currently out of print
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