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Korean Higher Education: A Confucian Perpective
Korean Higher Education: A Confucian Perpective
Korean Higher Education: A Confucian Perpective
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Product Description
Korean Studies Series 22
by Jeong-Kyu Lee

publisher: Jimoondang, 2001.

About this book
This book, a collection of the articles that the author has written over four years, examines Korean higher education from a predominantly Confucian perspective.
It introduces domestic and foreign readers to three domains of Korean higher education: educational thoughts in terms of the West and the East, religious thought and Confucian culture, and the Korean thirst for higher education: cultural sources, economic consequences, and reform. Although each domain explores a different aspect of the development and experience of higher education in Korea, the overall result is an illustration of the major educational thoughts and policies affecting Korean higher education. -- From the backcover

Part I. Educational Thoughts: the West and the East
Chapter 1 Educational Thoughts of Aristotle and Confucius
Chapter 2 Confucianism and Korean Elite / Higher Education in the Premodern Period
Chapter 3 Historical Factors of the Advancement of Modern Universities and Their Implications of Educational Policies in Korea
Part II. Religious Thought and Confucian Culture
Chapter 4 The Role of Religion in Korean Higher Education
Chapter 5 Confucian Thought in Korean Higher Education
Chapter 6 Shinto-Confucian Thought and Korean Higher Education
Chapter 7 Impact of Confucian Concepts of Feelings on Organizational Culture in Korean Higher Education
Chapter 8 Confucian Values and Culture in Korean Higher Education
Part III. The Korean Thirst for Higher Education: Cultural Sources, Economic Consequences, and Reform
Chapter 9 The Korean Thirst for Higher Education
Chapter 10 Korean Experience and Achievement in Higher Education
Chapter 11 Main Reform on Higher Education Systems in Korea
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