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Korean Intangible Cultural Properties: Traditional Handicrafts
Korean Intangible Cultural Properties: Traditional Handicrafts
Korean Intangible Cultural Properties: Traditional Handicrafts
Item#: 1565911652
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Product Description
by Hollym Editorial Dept.

size: 25.7x18.8cm. publisher: Hollym, 2001.

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About this book
Korea has long been abloom with its own unique culture and art, yet closely interrelated with those of neighboring countries in East Asia. Korea's cultural heritage, accumulated throughout its long history, is a mirror which reflects the nation's identity and serves to heighten its status in the world today. Through traditional music and dance, portraits of the spirits of artists not only endow us with substantial present benefits, but give us insights into the future. Traditional performing arts are certainly one of the prime movers of modern development. We of this generation therefore have good reason to pass them on to our children. Rapid industrialization has influenced this generation to put aside traditional music and dance. Some performing artists, however, have not been swayed by the times, but have kept on course with untiring zeal to save dwindling legacies. The government promotes diverse programs for the better preservation of Korea's cultural heritage and its transmission to the next generation. Koreans often say "You know something better when you have seen it, and feel differently about it." The Office of Cultural Properties hopes this book will be a good channel of communication with foreigners, leading them to better appreciate Korean culture and art.
---From the Publisher

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