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Korea: Old and New - A History
Korea: Old and New - A History
Korea: Old and New - A History
Item#: 0962771309
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Product Description
by Carter J. Eckert

size: A5, 454pages. publisher: Ilchokak, 1991.

Table of contents
Chapter 1. The Communal Societies of Prehistoric Times
Chapter 2. Walled-Town States and Confederated Kingdoms
Chapter 3. Aristocratic Societies Under Monarchical Rule
Chapter 4. The Fashioning of an Authoritarian Monarchy
Chapter 5. The Age of Powerful Gentry Families
Chapter 6. The Hereditary Aristocratic Order of Koryo
Chapter 7. Rule by the Military
Chapter 8. Emergence of the Literati
Chapter 9. The Creation of Yangban Society
Chapter 10. The Rise of the Neo-Confucian Literati
Chapter 11. Economic Advances and Intellectual Ferment
Chapter 12. Dynastic Disarray and national Peril
Chapter 13. Growth of the Forces of Enlightenment
Chapter 14. Incipient Nationalism and Imperialist Aggression
Chapter 15. The First phase of Japanese Rule, 1910-1919
Chapter 16. Nationalism and Social Revelution,1919-1931
Chapter 17. Forced Assimllation,Mobilization, and War
Chapter 18. Liberation, Division, and War, 1945-1953
Chapter 19. Authoritarianism and Protest, 1948-1990
Chapter 20. Economic Development in Historical Perspective,1945-1990
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