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Korean Shamanism - Muism
Korean Shamanism - Muism
Korean Shamanism - Muism
Item#: 898809509X
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Product Description
Author: Chang Soo-kyung / Kim Tae-kon
Size: A5, 198pages.
publisher: Jimoondang
Date of Pub.: 1998.

[Korean Studies Series No. 9]
The focus of this work is Muism, which is Korean shamanism. Mudangs, Korea's unique religious shamans, preside at kut and at other religious ceremoneies, which are based on the folk culture of Muism. Muism serves as an important resource for research into Korean religion, ideology, history, literature, music, stories and the other vital elements of its civilization.

Table of Contents
I. Basic Structure of Korean Shamanism-Muism
1. Introduction to Muism
2. Characteristics of Muism
3. Types of Mudang
4. Regional Characteristics of Muism
. Becoming a Mu
1. Religious Experience of Kangshinmu
2. Becoming a My for ses mmu
. The Social Organization of Mudangs
1. Kangshin (God-line) Organization
2. Ses mmu's Tan'gol (Bloodline) Organization
3. The Mu's Social Organization
. The Fundamental Concepts of Muism
1. Muism's View of Gods
2. Forms and Concepts of Gods of Muism
3. Process of Formation of the Way in which Gods are Viewed
4. Physical Creation of Mu Gods
5. The View of the Universe in Muism
. The View of the Soul in Muism
1. Kinds of Y nghon (Human Souls)
2. Fundamental Characteristics of Muism's View of Souls
3. Characteristics of "Dead Souls"
4. The Cualism of Good and Evil
5. Description of the Place of After Life (The Future World)
6. The Naesegwan-The View of the Nest Life
7. The Formation of Naesegwan
8. Muga
. The Che i (Ceremony) of Muism
1. Che i and Its Fundamental Characteristics
2. The Place of the Che i
3. The Kinds and Order of Che i
. The Religious Function of Muism Conclusion

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