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Korean through English 1 (book & audiotapes)
Korean through English 1 (book & audiotapes)
Korean through English 1 (book & audiotapes)
Item#: 1565910427
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Product Description
by Seoul National University

size: 29x20cm. Book & 3 audiotapes. publisher: Hollym.

About this book
Designed by the Language Research Institute of Seoul National University, this textbook comprises three volumes, with 25 lessons in each volume. Each lesson is made up of Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Main Text, Grammar, and Exercise sections.

The content is easy and interesting as well as educational, and reflects the phonological and grammatical characteristics of Korean. It also introduces aspects of Korean culture in a natural and unaffected way. Above all, the books enable you to study alone, without the aid of a teacher or classroom environment.

LC#: 93-79442

Series: Book 1 /
Book 2 / Book 2 with audiotapes /
Book 3 / Book 3 with audiotapes /
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