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Korean to Learn by History Story
Korean to Learn by History Story
Korean to Learn by History Story
Item#: 9788927732273
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Product Description
Korean to Learn by History Story
Author: Kim Sunrae
Publisher: darakwon
ISBN : 9788927732273
296 pages | 188 * 257 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean
MP3 CD is included.
Bonus book included translated in English, Japanese, and Chinese

About This Book

A total of 15 new reading books on Korean history and learning about Korean culture!
From Gojoseon to the Joseon Dynasty.
You can read the stories of Korean-loved historical figures and learn more about Korean and Korean culture.


Part 1. Stories of the Gojoseon era
chapter 1. Mugwort and Galic - The story of Dangun

Part 2. The Story of the Three Kingdoms
chapter 2. The Perfect Archer - The Story of Jumong
chapter 3. The Broken Blade - The Story of King Yuri
chapter 4. Blind Love - The Story of Princess of Naklang
chapter 5. Depending on How You Think - The Story of Great Master Wonhyo

Part 3. Goryeo era Stories
chapter 6. Wrongfully Accused - The Story of Wang Geon
chapter 7. The Person Who Believes in Me - The Story of King Gongmin and Princess Noguk
chapter 8. Generations of Passion - The Story of Choi Museon
chapter 9. The Bloodstain That Remains - The Story of Jeong Mongju

Part 4. Joseon era Stories
chapter 10. The King and His Love for His People - The Story of King Sejong
chapter 11. The Sudden Disappearance of the Genius Inventor - The Story of Jang Yeongsil
chapter 12. The Savior Who Saved the Country - The Story of Yi Sunsin
chapter 13. The Twisted Tree - The Story of Crown Prince Sado
chapter 14. A Life of Giving - The Story of Kim Mandeok
chapter 15. A Great Philosopher for All Time - The Story of Jeong Yakyong

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