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Kyongju: City of Millennial History
Kyongju: City of Millennial History
Kyongju: City of Millennial History
Item#: 156591094X
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Product Description
by Korean National Commission for UNESCO (ed.)

size: 18.8x24cm 220pages. publisher: Hollym, 1998.

About this book
The city of Kyongju is more than two thousand years old. For about a thousand years between 57 B.C. and 935 A.D. it was the capital of the Shilla dynasty, the greatest to flourish among the Three Kingdoms of the Korean peninsula at that time and eventually to unify the three Kingdoms. Since then it has become a central wellspring of the historical pride of the Korean people. The whole city is the most prominent historical monument of the country. The city of Kyongju is indeed a large "Museum without Walls" containing countless and priceless treasures of Korean history and culture. The heritage of Kyongju reveals beautiful harmonies through the intrinsic cultural precepts of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and even the distant Middle East. It was then one of the three most beautiful cities of the East along with Xian of China and Heijokyo of Japan.

UNESCO, in recognition of such historical significance inscribed the Sokkuram Grotto and the Pulguksa Temple, two of the most representative remains of the city, on the World Heritage List in 1995.

The contemporary residents of this city, being so proud of the historical value of their hometown, have not neglected their duty to preserve the heritage as much as they can. For such dutiful care, they have made many sacrifices. All of us, including future generations, are indebted to them for protecting our cultural wealth.

Kyongju: City of Millennial History is a tribute to both the past and the present people of the city. This book is the outcome of a multi-disciplinary research programme for the historical cities of the world, initiated and supported by UNESCO since the 1970's. This modest work on Kyongju attempts to introduce not only the historical aspects but also the current conditions of the city. It is designed primarily for the benefits and interests of the general public readers of the world. Furthermore, it may stimulate further research of Kyongju as a city with a vivid past and a vital future.

LC#: 98-87502
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