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Land for the Good
Land for the Good
Land for the Good
Item#: landforthe
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Product Description
by Choong-Sik Chang

size: B5. publisher: Dankook University

Table of contents
Part 1. How to Live
A Ture Course of Life
Truth Gainded from Labor
Love and Encouragement to Frustrated Children
Is It Impossible to Make Matrimony More Simple?
The True Meaning of a Bequest
Tolerance to the Misbehavior of Our Children
Modesty and Prudence as a Creed
Taking the Place of Father
The Best Way of Human Life
How to Live
I Trust You as I Trust My Daughter
Rudeness of Urbanites

Part 2. The Land for Good
The Alumni of the Earth
BestWeen Flattery and Courtesy
Crule Intelligence
Neighborhood Not to Love One Another
Those of My Own
A Dying Swallow
The Land for the Good
Marriage and Sex

Part 3. Let There Be Tender Smiles in Your Face
Tender Smiles
To Our Wives
The Wives of Ibsen
Our Mothers! Our Wives!

Part 4. The Desperate Mother of a Prodigal
Vice and Virtue of Pride
Can We Repeat Our Life?
The Desperate Mother of a Prodigalo
Disabled Men and College Education
parents Avarice
Abnormal Educational Climate
A Disciple in the Study
Art Second Generation and the Mother Tongue
Gratitude and Ingratitude
Glorious Life and Death
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