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The Last Train Station in the World
The Last Train Station in the World
The Last Train Station in the World
Item#: 9791191043754
Regular price: $26.42
Sale price: $22.45

Product Description
Author : Takeshi Murase
Publisher : momo

This book is written in Korean.

In March, at the beginning of spring, an express train derailed and fell off a cliff. Many people were seriously injured and the bereaved families lost their loved ones in an instant. Two months passed, and strange rumors began to circulate among the people. .... If you go to Nishi-Yuigahama Station, the closest station to the accident site, a ghost will appear and help you board the train on the day of the accident. However, you must follow the ghost's four rules, or you will die as well. Knowing this, the bereaved family doesn't hesitate to head to the station. Will they be able to safely board the train and share their loved ones' last moments with them before the ghostly train ascends into the sky and disappears? The story was featured on TikTok and went viral among Japanese readers. Takeshi Murase's novel, which blends reality and fantasy to immerse the reader in the world of the story, is the first of his many works to be introduced in Korea. A fantasy humanist novel, one of the author's best works.

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