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Lean In
Lean In
Lean In
Item#: 9788937834189
Regular price: $28.30
Sale price: $24.06

Product Description
by Sherly Sandberg, Ki-soon An(translation)
Korean title: Lean In

size: 223*152mm; 328 pages,
publisher: Wiseberry

This book is written in Korean only.

About this book

Sheryl Sandberg, who towed the explosive growth of Google and Facebook, talks about women, work, and leadership. Sheryl Sandberg’s TED lecture ‘Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders’ reached over 2 million views and was a hot issue around the world. In the lecture, Sandberg pointed out that women unintentionally hesitate in the face of power and opportunity, and said, “Sit confidently at the table, take risks, and chase your goal.”

The author used this book to give various advices on ‘Women, jobs, and leadership’ that she could not fully say in the TED lecture, and tells readers her story. Sandberg digs through the obstacles women face when they chase power and their sources through her experience as well as objective data of sociology research and worldwide surveys. She then gives interesting advice on the realistic answers working women must do when faced with these situations, and how to use potential during work and personal life.

The book is especially full of tips that must be used in situations where working women may be put into unfavorable situations such as wage negotiations, conferences, mentoring, and moving jobs and promotions. As a female leader in the IT industry where every second and minute are battles, as a housewife who also takes care of housework and raising children, she sympathizes with and convinces the female readers with her pains, mistakes, and various experiences.

For her male readers, she gives them a chance to see how Google and Facebook’s Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sandberg look for as a company, and what the active role is. At the same time, she gives them a chance to understand that supporting women’s activities in the workplace and at home and sharing opportunities is advantageous not only to the organization and the family, but the men themselves, and lets them change.

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