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Lord Of The World
Lord Of The World
Lord Of The World
Item#: 9791190538039
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Product Description
Title: Lord of the World
Author : Robert Hugh Benson
Publisher : Maven
ISBN : 9791190538039
150 * 210 mm / 532g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

First published in 1907, “Lord of the World” is the dystopian work of science fiction by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson which depicts the rise of the Anti-Christ and the ensuing end of the world.
The novel begins with a prologue set in early 21st century London in which the history of the last century is described. A global rise of Marxism has divided the world up into three power-blocs; a European Confederation of Marxist one-party states, an Eastern Empire comprised of the former Asian and Oceanic countries, and an American Republic comprised of North, South, and Central America. Culture and politics is now dominated by a mix of Marxism, atheism, and secular humanism.
As tensions between the European Confederation and the Eastern Empire inch the world ever closer to global war, a dynamic American politician, Vermont Senator Julian Felsenburgh, furiously crisscrosses the globe in charge of the American Republic’s peace delegation. Felsenburgh through a wave of populist support and Machiavellian power plays arises to become leader of the world. Simultaneously Father Percy Franklin works against the global disintegration of religious faith.
What follows is an apocalyptic conflict between these two dynamically opposed forces.
Heralded as prophetic by religious leaders like Pope Francis, “Lord of the World” presents a not implausible dystopian imagination of the end of the world. This edition is printed on premium acid-free paper.

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