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Man, Language and Poetry
Man, Language and Poetry
Man, Language and Poetry
Item#: 8952100115
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Product Description
by Ynhui Park

size: A5new, 232pages. publisher: Seoul National University Press, 1999.

Table of contents
Part 1. Man and Nature
1. Sartre on Human Existence
2. Human Nature and Human Worth
3. Critique of Anthropocentric Ethics: toward a Foundation of Ecocentric Ethics
4. Ontological Monism and Taoism Taoism as Religion
5. Confucius and Habermas: Two Visions of the Ideal Man and Society

PART 2. Language and Meaning
6. Linguistic Prison
7. To Say the Unsayable

PART 3. Poetry and Intention
8. The Poetic Intention: a Sartrean Hypothesis
9. Poetic Imagination and Languaeg: on the Poetics of Bachelard
10. Artwork as Language
11. The Ontological Modality of Artwork
12. A Literary Text and Hermeneneutics
13. On the Objectivity of the Value of an Artwork
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