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The Magic to Live 48 Hours a Day
The Magic to Live 48 Hours a Day
The Magic to Live 48 Hours a Day
Item#: 9791162542569
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Product Description
Title: Magic of living 48 hours a day
Korean Title: 하루를 48시간으로 사는 마법
Author: Jae-eun Lee
Publisher: Business Books
ISBN: 9791162542569
288 page / 145* 210 mm / 482g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Announcer Lee Jae-eun, the main anchor of MBC News Desk, received explosive attention with 530,000 videos posted on the YouTube channel "News Anhani," which contains the daily lives of MBC announcers. The appearance of maintaining one's pace without being pressed for time or impatient while living a busy life while digesting a lot of work a day stimulated many people that they wanted to live like that. Fans nicknamed him "Janne Mione," referring to Hermione in "Harry Potter," and coined the word "Janmeng" to heal by repeatedly watching his daily life or study videos.

This book was conceived with a motif in the author's nickname. Through Janne Mione's Time Turner, which appears in each chapter, the author invites readers to his daily life and divides all the know-how in self-management, which was the basis for building a 10-year career in it, into six keywords. Announcer Lee Jae-eun's daily life, time management method, study method, and the power and mind management method to maintain the habit of steadily developing himself.

In addition, announcer Lee Jae-eun wrote a large diary under the name of "JANN'S NOTE" throughout the book and handwritten phrases that gained strength. As the author himself did, he hopes to be of help to the readers who opened this book. Through this book, I hope that everyone who lives hard in their respective positions will be able to regain their lost time and gain the magic of time management that fills the day with "what they want to do."

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