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The Memory (2-Volume Set)
The Memory (2-Volume Set)
The Memory (2-Volume Set)
Item#: 9788932920337-44
Regular price: $55.85
Sale price: $47.47

Product Description
Title: The Memory
Author :Bernard Werber
Publisher : openbooks
ISBN : 9788932920337 / 9788932920344
1)400page/ 126 * 195 mm 473g
2)400page/ 128 * 195 mm 483g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

he main character, Renee Toledano, is a high school teacher who teaches history.
He goes to the "Pandora's Box" at the Seine River resort and is chosen as the subject of hypnosis. Renee, who succeeded in hypnosis, was able to open the door to memory in the hall of unconsciousness.
A peep of memory from beyond the gate was his previous life, which lost his life on the battlefield of World War I. Having suffered from such vivid and intense memories even after hypnosis, he gets caught up in a physical fight and spends his nervous days thinking about whether to unintentionally kill people and turn himself in to the police.

Meanwhile, Renee finds out that she had 111 previous lives and opens doors to her memories in addition to World War I veterans.
Among them, the first of its kind was Gabe, a man who lived on a legendary island called Atlantis, which was surprisingly modern. Renee, who knows Atlantis has been submerged in the sea, wants to save Geve somehow, and Opal, the hypnotist who met on the stage of Pandora's Box, claims to be Renee's helper.
What is the fate of Renee and Gabe as they are being chased by the police and treated as mentally ill in their present lives, and a massive flood is predicted in their previous lives?

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