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Moment of Magic
Moment of Magic
Moment of Magic
Item#: 9788954429900
Regular price: $25.85
Sale price: $21.97

Product Description
by Paolo Coelho, Mina Kim (translation)
Korean title: Mabupyi soongan

size: 188*128mm; 288 pages,
publisher: Jaeumkwa Moeum

This book is written in Korean only.

About this book

The worldwide best seller Paolo Coelho was born in 1947. He is an 87-year-old experienced giant in 2013. Unlike the magical words that are mysterious, Paolo Coelho opens his life and wisdom to the world. He runs a blog and a homepage, updates his Facebook, and tweets to write online and off line.

For readers who linger on Paolo Coelho’s tweets that overcome national boundaries and spread as the speed of light, they’ve been born into a book with a Korean illustrator. Paolo Coelho’s Twitter followers reach 7,300,000. The one phrase that shows up in different languages every day has the magical power of making everyone heated as one. His words demand attention, and transfer the energy that pierces life.

In English, ‘twitter’ indicates the sound that birds make. Twitter is an online place where anyone can tweet anything they want. Because of this, it has become a place where various PR, marketing, everyday chatter, all kinds of scandals, and trivial fights spread at the speed of light across borders. In the world of such complicated and noisy tweets, Coelho’s Twitter provides tweets of ‘healing’.

The old author’s diligent Twitter, where he tweets multiple times a day, retweets, and replies, is different from the Twitter accounts of the young generation. The one like tweet that he puts up incurs incredible thoughts and deep resonations.

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