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Moon Eclipse
Moon Eclipse
Moon Eclipse
Item#: 8954604757
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Product Description
Korean Title: Dareul Meokda
Author: Jin-kyu KIM
Publisher: Munhakdongne
270 pages | 223*152mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

- Winner of the 13th Munhakdongne Novel Award.
- Included in Art Council Koreas 2007 Outstanding Book List.

The story of fateful, unrequited love across generations that takes place about 300 year ago in Korea when arranged marriage was the norm and interclass marriage was banned by law.

Myo Yeon, the daughter of an infamous philanderer Ryu Ho, marries into an impeccable family of Minister through the strong matriarchal influence of her mother. In her new home where everyone is intense, Myo Yeon decides she will be intensely reticent. One day, her half-sister who had married the widower Pharmacist Ch’oe shows up at her door, extremely pregnant, and gives birth to a child they later name Nan. Nan leaves her own impoverished home at five and is raised at Myo Yeon’s house.

Myo Yeon notices the budding yet forbidden love between Hee Woo, her own son, and Nan. Nan and Hee Woo secretly perform marriage rites for fun, and make flower tea with Myo Yeon's favorite chrysanthemum as a way of strengthening their love. Although they do not share blood, the two are clearly siblings. Unable to express her true feelings, Myo Yeon hastily marries Hee Woo off to another family. Keeping his love for Nan inside, Hee Woo can no longer resist the marriage proposals from other families and marries another woman while Nan cuts off the dangerous relationship and leave Myo Yeon's house.

Yeo Moon happens to see the cripple Hyang cry while passing in front of Choi's Pharmacy and falls in love instantly. Yeo Moon, however, cannot do anything besides watch Hyang as she gradually wears off taking care of her sick father. After marrying some other woman as a result of his mother’s insistence, he stalks around Hyang’s house. Oblivious to the fact the Hyang is pregnant, Yeo Moon kills Pharmacist Choi in order to free her, but Hyang jumps into the water and kills herself, unable to stand the loneliness.

The novel is composed of monologues of 9 people from 4 families of 3 generations. The story is put together like a puzzle from 9 narrators’ different perspectives. Misunderstandings, secrets, and doubts between the family members and the lovers influence their lives and relations over generations. All these happen with the backdrop of beautiful Korean scenes 300 years ago --Mother's room in the traditional housing (detailed depiction of tea-making and fabric embroidery work), gardens, an herbal medicine pharmacy, and a temple in the mountain.

"Moon Eclipse depicts love that crumbles before the wall of misunderstanding. Nine narrators tell the story of their love in their own voices." -- Dong-A Ilbo

About the Author
Born 1969, the year of the Fighter Cock. Spent her childhood at the Chrysanthemum house at Osan, Gyeonggido, and fell in love with King Jeongjo when she was attending high school with a view of Suwon Hwaseong. She majored the Iranian Language at Korea Foreign Language University, got married the fall after graduation, and is living with her husband and daughter. She debuted as a writer with her first novel Moon Eclipse winning the 13th Munhakdongne Novel Award, 2007.

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