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A Motherís Self-Respect Study
A Motherís Self-Respect Study
A Motherís Self-Respect Study
Item#: 9788950972226
Regular price: $30.19
Sale price: $25.66

Product Description
Author: Kim Mi Kyung
Publisher: 21st Century Books
304 pages | 152 * 210 * 31 mm /525g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

ďItís hard to be a mom, right?Ē

The elderly say that once children are born, they grow well by themselves, but all mothers know that thereís nothing harder than raising children. You go back and forth between heaven and hell 100 times a day. You do your best every day, but look back sometimes wondering if youíre ruining the children. You think about the times you were sorry. If they do something wrong, it feels like your fault. You cry because your heart aches. Then tens of thousands of mothers that Kim Mi Kyung met in Korea were all the same. How do you raise a child well? Am I a good mother? What does it mean to be a parent? Thereís no end to the questions.
Today, mothers still worry about the same thing. Kim Mi Kyung was also once upon a time a beginner mom. She has been a mother for 28 years while she raised 3 children. Nationís older sister who had been the mentor for womenís dreams as one of the best lecturers in Korea has come back as nationís mother. She tells the truthful stories of the conversations she had while comforting countless mothers in lecture halls all over the country, as well as the solution to the mothers who donít know the answers.

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