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Mr. Duke: MBC TV Drama (Region-1 / 6 DVD Set)
Mr. Duke: MBC TV Drama (Region-1 / 6 DVD Set)Mr. Duke: MBC TV Drama (Region-1 / 6 DVD Set)
Mr. Duke: MBC TV Drama (Region-1 / 6 DVD Set)
Item#: singwigong
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Product Description
Korean Title: Shin-gwigongja
Starring: Choi Ji-Woo, Kim Seung-Woo
Director: Lee Ju-Hwan
Studio: YA Entertainment
Genre: Drama (TV)

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This DVD is encoded for Region 1 (See below to make sure which region code is designated to your area). This DVD will NOT be viewable on regular DVD players made for other regions unless they are code-(region-)free DVD players.
* Region 1 - US, US Territories, Canada, Bermuda  /  * Region 2 - Japan, Europe, S Africa, ME incl. Egypt  /  * Region 3 - SE Asia, E Asia incl. S Korea and Hog Kong  /  * Region 4 - Australia, New Zealand, C & S America, Pacific Islands, The Caribbean  /  * Region 5 - Former Soviet Union, Indian Subcontinent, Africa, N Korea, Mongolia  /  * Region 6 - China

About This DVD

Before her captivating performances in epics like Stairway to Heaven and Winter Sonata, Korea's leading lady Choi Ji-Woo starred in Mr. Duke, an elegant and sophisticated Korean TV drama mini-series.

Choi Ji-Woo stars as Jang Soo-Jin, whose rich and powerful father tricks her into returning to Korea, so that she can get married and provide him with a successor to his business empire. Desperate to stop her father's madness, Soo-Jin pretends she already has a boyfriend, and so enlists the help of simple water deliveryman Kim Yong-Nam (Kim Seung-Woo, Hotelier). But now she must pass Yong-Nam off as a member of high society if she is to stop her father's plans!

This DVD boxset includes all 16 episodes of Mr. Duke, a highlight of Choi Ji-Woo's illustrious career featuring one of her most touching and heartfelt performances.

This is a fantastic fairytale for grown-ups. A romantic summer night's dream of a man and a woman from a totally different environment, falling in love and getting happily married after all the turmoils.

Soo-Jin is a beautiful daughter of a rich enterprise owner, President Chang. She has been studying abroad until she returns upon on the notice of her father's sudden illness; which has been a made-up story to get her a husband while she is back home. Yet, Soo-Jin can't stand the parties that her father has organised in order to present her all the rich and famous husband candidates.

Finally Soo-Jin's Mr.Duke appears before her very sight but he is far from the prototype husband that her father has in mind. This drama is a roll of intersecting love and success and what's more, love can be the most meaningful motive when it comes to young couples....

Audio Format: DD 2.0 Stereo
Video Format: Full Screen
Languages: Korean
Subtitles: English
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: 1
Year Made: 2000 
Running Time: 16 episodes
Special Features: - Hotelier (20 min), My Lovely Sam-Soon (20 min) & Secret (20 min)
Availability: Usually ships in 5-10 days
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