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My Friend Little Giant
My Friend Little Giant
My Friend Little Giant
Item#: 9788952762177
Regular price: $20.75
Sale price: $17.64

Product Description
Title: My Friend Little Giant
Korean Title: Nae Chingu koma geain
Author: Roald Dal
Publisher: sigong junior
ISBN: 9788952782465
292 page /152 * 210 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

There is a terrible rule in the land of giants who grab hold of those who sleep and chew their bones. Anyone who sees a giant, either an adult or a child, must hold on to it. People are so interested in others that no one can disappear at night, and no witnesses are eaten.
Sophie, who lives in an orphanage, saw one big black man snooping at the children's room window one night when he wasn't able to sleep.
The identity of the giant is a good little giant. Sun-koger is weak in heart and can't eat people. He is only 7 meters tall, so he is bullied in a giant country.
Sunkoger's only pleasure is to go to the dreamland, catch some fun and pretty dreams, and blow them into the children's room.
Cannibals now go to school dormitories and snarl to eat all the lighter, more succulent children. The brave Sophie, who can't stand sungoose and injustice, comes up with a wonderful idea to protect her children from cannibal giants. The queen mobilized her army by dreaming about a cannibal giant.

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