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Myths of Korea
Myths of Korea
Myths of Korea
Item#: 9788988095041
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Product Description
Korean Studies Series 4
by Dae-sook Suh

size: B5. publisher: Jimoondang, 2000.

About this book
Comprised of seven foundation myths, ten shamanist myths from the Korean mainland, and nine shamanist myths from Cheju Island Myths of Korea presents twenty-six myths in accurate and readable translation, mostly for the first time in English. To make them more easily understandable to the general reader, these myths have been rewritten according to their central narrative plot. The corpus assembled here holds out manifold possibilities for future research a comparative study of myths in general and shamanist myths in particular.

Outline of Korean Myths
Foundation Myths
Pak Hyokkose
Kim Suro
Sok TĄŻarhae
Kim Alchi
The Three Clans

Shamanist Myths of the Peninsula
Song of Creation
Prayer to the Steamer God
Song for the Play of Sun and Moon
Myth of the House God (Tongnae Version)
Origin Myth of the House God (Hwang Uyang)
Origin Myth of the Three Chesok Gods
The Abandoned Princess
Myth of Seven Stars
Myth of Changja
Rites for the Visitors

Shamanist Myths of Cheju Island
Origin Myth of Igong
Origin Myth of Samgong
Origin Myth of the Agriculture Gods
Origin Myth of the Messenger
Origin Myth of the Kunung
Origin Myth of Life Grandmother
Origin Myth of the Main Shrine of the SogwipĄŻo Gods
Origin Myth of TĄŻosan Shrine
Origin Myth of Koenegi Shrine
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