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Namhan Fortress
Namhan Fortress
Namhan Fortress
Item#: 9788956253534
Regular price: $30.18
Sale price: $25.66

Product Description
Korean Title: Namhan Sanseong / Namhansansung
Author: Hoon Kim
Publisher: Hakgojae
448 pages | 205*140 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

A novel by Kim Hoon, author of the bestselling novels such as Song of Sword and Boundless Landscape, based on the historical event -- the second Manchu invasion of Korea.

Background Info:
The second Manchu invasion of Korea occurred in 1637, when the Manchu Qing Empire brought Korea's Joseon dynasty into submission. It followed the first Manchu invasion of Korea of 1627. After the first invasion, the Joseon Dynasty continued to defy the Manchus. Trade was in bad condition and Korea did not return fugitives from Later Jin. In addition, Korea took a defiant attitude when Hong Taiji declared the new dynasty of Qing. Korean delegates refused to kowtow to Hong Taiji at the ceremony and threw away the diplomatic correspondence where Hong Taiji was referred to as the emperor. The Manchu delegates Inggūldai and Mafuta got a cold reception in Hanseong (Seoul) where Korean soldiers stood in the shadow. The delegates were shocked and fled back to Qing. The Korean court was dominated by the pro-war party. However, they did not enhance military power. In addition, a warlike message to Pyong'ando was carelessly seized by Inggūldai.

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