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New Millennium Dictionary of Korean Language & Culture
New Millennium Dictionary of Korean Language & Culture
New Millennium Dictionary of Korean Language & Culture
Item#: 8995135239
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Product Description
Author: Cheong Soo Suh, Yoon-jung Cho, Michael Bujold, Nam-kil Kim, Jae-min Kim, Il-kon Kim, Young-whan Suh 
Publisher: Hansebon
Hardcover | 2006 pages | 10 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches | Weight: 6.6 pounds

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean and English.

About This Book

Probably the first Korean-English dictionary to think of native English speakers and be structured accordingly, unlike the kind every learner of Korean has had to use, Korean-English dictionaries that are more to help Koreans struggling how to say things in English. This one is rich in examples, strong in the area of words relating to things Korean, has ample pictures, pronunciation helps, and numerous other advantages over the others, including a section on loan words in Korean if you're one of the many who have wondered where words like areubaiteu came from. Some areas of interest are treated with special sections providing in-depth detail. New Millenium [sic] Dictionary of Korean Language & Culture has a certain monumental weight to it that is certain to become legendary among students of Korean everywhere.

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone with an interest in Korean language and culture. The First Integrated Dictionary of Language and Culture: Detailed linguistic descriptions of entries as well as cultural notes and illustrations related to the entries are provided in the one book. The dictionary not only provides written descriptions or cultural notes in English, but also offers photos and tables in an effort to promote a deeper understanding of Korean language and culture. It includes about 800 colour photos.
Careful Selection and Description of Entries: Chosen on the basis of their frequency of use and usefulness, about 45,000 entries have been described in plain English with examples that are not only useful but also easy to use.

Detailed Grammatical Descriptions Great emphasis has been placed on detailed descriptions of grammatical elements peculiar to the Korean language because they are the frameworks repeatedly used in all sentence constructions and are thus more important than the words themselves.

Invaluable Guide for English Speakers: This work will present a most useful and convenient tool for all English speakers, including Korean residents abroad and especially second and third generations, to get in touch with Korean language and culture in English.

Remarkable Aid for Korean Students Learning English: The appropriate ways of translating Korean words and sentences into plain English shown will help Korean students to improve their writing and translation skills. Furthermore, the English notes and illustrations on Korean cultural aspects offered in this book will help Korean students to appreciate or experience their own culture in terms of English.

Indispensable Companion for Diplomats and Businessmen: For those engaged in international affairs and foreign trade, this work will be an invaluable guidebook in introducing and explaining Korean language and culture.

About the Author
Editor Cheong Soo Suh, Emeritus Professor, Hanyang University. Professor Suh received his master's and Ph.D. degrees in Korean linguistics from Yonsei University. He served as full-time lecturer at the Korean Language Institute, Yonsei University, and the seeds of motivation for this dictionary were planted at this time. He served as professor and dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Hanyang University. Professor Suh served as president of the International Association of Korean Language Education and also engaged in many other academic activities. He is the author of some thirty books and one hundred papers on Korean grammar, composition, and Korean culture. For his book Korean Grammar (about 1,500 pages), he was awarded the National Academy Prize. Co-editor Yoon-Jung Cho immigrated to Australia when she was two years old and graduated from the University of New South Wales. She served as copy editor and staff reporter for eight years at the Korea Herald and is currently a lecturer at the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation, Ewha Womans University. In addition, many other contributing editors including Michael Bujold (translater and proofreader, Somang Translation), Nam-kil Kim (professor, University of Southern California), Jae-min Kim (former professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Il-kon Kim (professor, Hanyang University), and Young-whan Suh (professor, Changwon University), participated in this work.

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